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Toll Roads

Each Georgia Motorcoach RV is equipped with a North Carolina Quickpass Transponder and a Kansas KTag. These two tolling systems allow you to cruise through most, but not all, tolling systems using electronic tolling, so you don’t have to stop and pay. In many cases, these transponders will save you money versus paying by cash. Georgia Motorcoach charges a 10% administrative fee ($2 minimum per entire rental period) for using the passes. Charges will be made automatically to your card on file, typically within 14-90 days after you return. GM’s passes are valid in the following states:

Delaware Illinois Kentucky Massachusetts New York Oklahoma Texas
Florida Indiana Maine New Hampshire North Carolina Pennsylvania Virginia
Georgia Kansas Maryland New Jersey Ohio Rhode Island West Virginia

Please note, Georgia Motorcoach’s toll pass are not valid in any state not listed above including California, Colorado, and South Carolina. It is important to stop and pay tolls by cash in these states. Toll violations or toll-by-tag will be charged to the renter plus a $10 administrative fee per occurrence.