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RV Trip vs Car Trip

RV Trip versus Car Trip

Cost Comparison

RV trip (7 days, family of 4, 700 miles driven)
Expenses per day total
RV Rental 220 1,540.00
Gasoline 168.00
Campground 40 280.00
Food & drinks 80 560.00
Tips not necessary
Experience Priceless
Total $2,548.00
Car trip (7 days, family of 4, 700 miles driven)
Expenses per day total
Car expense 40 280.00
Gasoline 67.20
Hotel (room charge, tax, fees) 150 1,050.00
Food & drinks 200 1,400.00
Tips (restaurants, hotels, bars) 50 350
Experience Same as last year
Total $3,147.20

Experience Comparison

    RV Trip
  • Getting there is half the fun
  • Restroom onboard
  • Onboard meals and snacks—eat, drink and be merry
  • Play games at the dinette or lay down for a nap
  • Stand up and stretch whenever you need
  • Pull over and sleep whenever you want
  • Pack in your driveway
  • Pick up a left item at Georgia Motorcoach
  • Cook fresh, healthy meals in your own kitchen
  • Take your pet with you (select RV’s only)
  • Roast marshmallows on the campfire
  • Enjoy hot or cold drinks by the fire
  • Sleep on your own bed linens
    Car Trip
  • Are we there yet?
  • Still enjoying that 64 oz. drink?
  • If we stop for dinner, when will we arrive?
  • Mommy, he’s on my side of the seat!
  • How far to the next rest stop?
  • Does that hotel have any rooms available?
  • Pack and unpack at each stop. Don’t leave anything behind!
  • What city was that hotel in?
  • Rely on fast-food and chain restaurants
  • Does each hotel allow pets? Where do you walk your dog?
  • Is there at least a balcony?
  • How much was that bar tab?
  • Did you tip the maid? Bellboy?