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Rent versus Own


Purchase Price 90,000.00
After year % depreciation deprecitaion value
1 10% 9,000.00 81,000
2 9% 7,290.00 73,710
3 8% 5,896.80 67,813
4 7% 4,746.92 63,066
5 6% 3,783.98 59,282
Average 8% $6,143.54
Total $30,717.70
RV Rental Cost Example (incl. tax, insurance)
Year Time rented Rental Cost
1 1 week 3x per year 5,000
2 2 week vacation 3,300
3 1 month rental 4,800
4 3 weekends & 1 week 2,550
5 1 week 2x per year 3,400
Average $3,810.00
Total $19,050.00

Full Comparison

  • Rental dealer takes the depreciation
  • Auto policy may cover rental or pay when needed
  • Registration paid by rental dealer
  • Sales Tax paid only on the time rented
  • Pay for roadside assistance the days you need it
  • Dealer responsible for maintenance and repairs
  • Drive a new RV for each trip
  • Drive the best size and style RV for the trip
  • Fast, easy pick up and drop off, RV already prep’d
  • Regularly driven RV’s are more reliable
  • Depreciation all year, whether the RV is used or not
  • Pay extra for RV insurance all year long
  • Registration fees paid by owner
  • Tax on full cost of RV, upfront, no matter how long (or short) owned, pay again when replacing it
  • Pay for roadside assistance all year
  • Oil changes, winterization, wiper blades, fluids, tires, repairs – all owner’s headache
  • Drive the same RV as long as you own it
  • Let’s hope the RV you have will work
  • Repairs and maint. may be needed before each trip
  • Do the batteries still hold a charge? Tires dry rotted? Gasoline still OK? Does the generator start? Flat spots in tires? Do you still trust the RV?
  • Loan interest
  • Loan may be more than value of RV when ready to sell

Depreciation cost is only the beginning, don’t forget about the cost of storage, repairs, maintenance, roadside assistance, insurance, taxes, and registration. Be sure to also add in the cost of your time and hassle getting oil changes done, wiper blades replaced, winterizing, etc. Owning a RV is expensive and a lot of trouble. As with many other toys, the best days of ownership are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. Renting a RV from Georgia Motorcoach for 3 separate weeks/year costs around $5000, with taxes, roadside assistance, and insurance included. The RV is prepped and vacation ready. All you have to do decide where to go. While ownership may have some advantages, most RVers do not use a RV enough to justify the cost and trouble of ownership.


It is a well known fact that vehicles that sit in storage are less reliable than ones that are driven regularly. Dry rotted tires full of tread, out of round tires, rotted belts, bad fuel, expired oil, leaky roofs, and dead batteries are just a few of the common issues that you will discover when you take your RV out of storage for that fabulous twice a year vacation. Do you really want spend your vacation time fixing all the RV’s problems? Georgia Motorcoach’s fleet of RV’s are meticulously maintained and inspected before each trip to ensure that you receive a RV that is in good working order. If we discover a problem with the RV before your trip, it will either be fixed prior to pick up, or we will likely have another identical or similar unit available to keep your plans intact.

Get the perfect RV for each trip

When you own a RV, you are stuck with the RV you own. When renting you can pick the RV that best suits the needs of that individual trip. Sometimes, you may want a small RV that is easy to maneuver, whereas other times, you may need more space. Whatever size or style RV you need, there is a good chance that we or another rental agency has it available.