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  • General

  • How can I find good campsites?

    Two good sites for locating campsites are www.woodalls.com and www.reserveamerica.com. Woodall's gives information about all campsites - public and private. Reserve America processes online booking for sites in their system, which is mostly government owned sites (federal, state, and some municipal) and some private parks.

  • Do I need to book a campsite in advance?

    Booking in advance ensures that you get the best sites at the best prices. During the summer and on weekends and holidays, it is very important to book early. Campsites fill up well in advance during these times. Florida campgrounds fill up during the winter months, so advanced booking is highly recommended for winter camping in Florida.

  • It is late and I don't have a place to camp. What can I do?

    GPS's can help you find a campground or a Walmart. Walmart is known to allow RVers to use their parking lots overnight. It is a good idea to check with the store manager first. Never stay more than 1 night when doing this, and arrive late and leave early. If you have any shopping needs this can be especially handy-reward the store with your business. Another option is rest stops and truck stops. When pulling into a rest stop for the night, pull into the "car" area rather than the "truck" area. It will be quieter and the truckers will appreciate you leaving the bigger spaces for them. If there is a RV area (very few rest areas have this) use it. Some states, such as Florida, only allow overnight stays at campgrounds. It is best to plan ahead and book campsites in advance.

  • When do I need to arrive at my campsite?

    Be sure to make a note of campsite rules when booking. Many campsites only allow you to arrive during business hours. For some, you can arrive late but you may need to call during office hours to get a gate code. If you are going to arrive after 5, call them and make sure it is OK.

  • Where can I dump the waste tanks?

    If you are at a campground use their facility. All RV campgrounds have dump stations. If you are on the road, many rest stops have them. Look for them on the ramps before re-entering the freeway. Sometimes travel centers (aka. truck stops) have them-many "Petro" and "TA" centers do.

  • Any packing suggestions?

    You can find packing suggestions here

  • Can I smoke in RV?

    Smoking is not allowed in any Georgia Motorcoach RV.

  • Electrical

  • How many amps is the electrical hookup?

    All Georgia Motorcoach RV's have 30 amp electrical Hookups. 50 amp electrical is typically only used for large RV's with multiple AC units.

  • Can I connect to a 50 amp circuit?

    With the right adaptor, it is physically possible. 50 amps is more than the RV cables are designed to carry, and it is possible for the cables to be overloaded (eg, carrying 45 amps) without tripping the 50 amp breaker. Sites that have 50 amp circuits usually have 30 and 20 amp plugs. It is always safer to use the correct plug.

  • Can I plug the RV into a normal household (15 or 20 amp) circuit?

    Yes, an adapter is provided to allow you to do this, but make sure that the main air conditioner and/or electric heat is switched off. The AC will overload the circuit and will probably trip the breaker after a few minutes. Gas heat is ok under this setup. This setup is good for running the refrigerator, lights, gas heat, and charging the batteries.

  • Generator

  • What type of fuel does my generator use?

    Cambria, BT, Nexus, Vegas: All gas chassis RV's have a gasoline generator that pulls gas from the vehicle's main fuel tank. When you refill the vehicle's gas tank, you are also refilling the generator's tank because they are the same tank. Keep in mind that generator usage will affect any MPG calculations that you do.
    View only: The Winnebago View has a diesel generator that pulls diesel from the vehicle's main fuel tank. When you refill the vehicle's diesel tank, you are also refilling the generator's tank because they are the same tank. Keep in mind that generator usage will affect any MPG calculations that you do.
    Solera and Gemini: The Forest River Solera and Thor Gemini are equipped with a propane generator. This generator pulls propane from the propane tank and does not affect vehicle MPG calculations.

  • What happens if I run the generator too long and use up all my fuel?

    View and Gas RV's: the generator will run out of fuel when the vehicle's fuel tank reaches around ΒΌ tank. This is by design to leave you with enough fuel to reach a service station.
    Solera and Gemini: the generator in this vehicle is propane. You will not be stranded if you use up all the propane, but your propane appliances will not work. Most notably, your refrigerator will not work when 120VAC power is not available.

  • Will generator exhaust make my campsite stink (for campsites that do not have power)?

    View and Gas RV's: Possibly. These RV's have diesel and gasoline generators respectively and diesel/gas fumes have a noticeable odor. We recommend shutting all doors and windows when using the generator in these vehicles.
    Solera and Gemini: No. The generator is a clean burning propane generator that emits only water vapor.

  • Propane

  • How much propane will I use?

    It depends on what you do and which vehicle you are in.
    The Solera and Gemini are equipped with a propane generator. If you are camping without hookups in hot weather with heavy generator and AC use, you may need to refill after just 2 days. On the other hand, if you have hookups at night and just do some daily driving with the generator off, you can easily go a month without refilling. The largest consumers of propane are the generator (Solera only) and the heating system. Although the refrigerator consumes propane when electricity is not available, its propane consumption is surprising low - almost negligible.

  • Where can I buy propane?

    There are many places to buy propane, including certain RV parks, gas stations, etc. The easiest way to find a location nearby that sells propane is to go to www.uhaul.com. Most UHaul locations sell propane at reasonable prices and their website will not only help you find a nearby UHaul with propane, but it will even give you the current price. Most Tractor Supply Stores also sell propane and at lower prices than UHaul. When returning your RV, the Ace Hardware between our office and I-20 has propane.

  • What can I do to conserve propane?

    First and foremost, turn off the generator as much as possible (Solera/Gemini only)! Even if your generator does not use propane, it is still a good idea to conserve fuel by turning it off when not needed. Leave the generator off while driving and use the dash AC and heat. In some RVs you can set the main HVAC to "fan only" to help circulate the air; the fan uses 12V power and will run without the generator. When plugged in, use electricity as much as possible for cooking, heating water, heating the RV, etc. Most water heater will heat with electric only when the heater is switched off. Try leaving the water heater off and let electricity heat the water when plugged in.

  • Solera/Gemini Only: I am almost out of propane, I don't have hookups, my batteries are low, and it's hot/cold outside. What can I do?

    Crank the engine and use the dash AC/heat. The engine will burn diesel instead of propane and will charge your batteries. Set the main HVAC to "fan only" to help circulate the air. You will not have 120V AC, but in this case, it is better to conserve your propane so your refrigerator operates. Burning diesel at idle will not cost any more than running the propane generator, but monitor your diesel consumption. Don't run out of fuel and leave yourself stranded.